Responsibilities at the Trauma Foundation

1995-2000: Receptionist - Helped coordinate annual Wellness Foundation annual conference, facilities issues, mail, large office equipment, and large merged mailings under the direction of the administrator; maintained library acquisition database and ordering of library materials under the direction of the librarian.
2000-2004: Assistant to the Executive Director - Maintained and organized correspondence, files, travel and expenses for the ED. Drafted letters for senior staff. Handled oversight of facilities management and construction issues for main office and remote locations. Coordinated design and layout of TF twice yearly newsletters and monthly HTML eNews publications. Established and maintained DSL computer network. Assisted with cash management, coordination, planning and implementation of the Million Mom March event in Washington, DC, May 2000. Assisted with the establishment of 230 MMM chapters.

Liked most about the Trauma Foundation

Without a doubt the best part of the job was working with such wonderful people. I have never experienced such a synergism in the work environment! I loved coming to work each day (that’s not to say that it wasn’t hard at times.). I believe the key to creating this exceptional environment was the fantastic leadership and the fact that we were all allowed to develop our jobs in ways that facilitated our personal growth as well as the growth of the organization. I also loved being in regular contact with extraordinary people such as Ray Gatchalian, Maggie Escobedo Steele, the Trauma Foundation Board Members, and community activists up and down the state.

Learnings still useful

Kathee Ewing, Donna Benedetti and Andrew McGuire were fantastic mentors. They gave me a set of skills that I have used everyday of my life and have given me a clear advantage over other job seekers and co-workers. Also, experiencing how those in leadership roles can and should interact with other staff has truly helped me in my interactions with the people in my current role. The Trauma Foundation was a life-altering experience for me that I will be forever grateful for.


Like Peg Skaj and Marylyn Thornton, I’m now at UCSF's San Francisco Injury Center. I'm the Administrative Assistant for the Center as well as for SFGH’s Department of Surgery. I provide support for Drs. Peggy Knudson and Rochelle Dicker, keep their calendars, manage facility planning and do what needs doing to keep things humming along.  The construction of the new hospital building has necessitated a substantial amount of staff and faculty relocation, so there has been no shortage of things to do! 

As for the future, I've been accepted into the next class at the UCSF School of Nursing! I begin courses in June 2010, and if all goes well, will be an RN in three years. Working at SFGH has really shown me that there is a tremendous need for those willing to work with society’s most vulnerable populations, and I want to do just that. 


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