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Responsibilities at the Trauma Foundation

Peg came to the Trauma Foundation in the mid-1980s, hired as an assistant to the Alcohol Policy Initiative Project where she learned about server training in Oregon to prevent underage drinking. Then, having time on her hands, she helped Liz McLoughlin on an International Society for Burn Injuries data study, and soon became her assistant at the SF Injury Center. From then on, they were a team at the Injury Center, the family violence prevention studies, the Violence Prevention Initiative, the Academic Fellows Program. She then continued to work on the Trauma Foundation and the Health Care for All websites. Her official last day at the Trauma Foundation was in August, 2004.

Liked most about the Trauma Foundation

The job was never boring! There was always something different to learn about, master, contribute to: domestic violence; young people in crises; interesting web design; injury prevention. The Trauma Foundation was a good fit. The staff was, almost without exception, wonderful, interested and interesting. Its culture nurtured a big part of who I was.

Learnings still useful

Everything I’m doing now I learned at the Trauma Foundation (except filling out UCSF’s personnel forms). One of the best things about the Trauma Foundation was the philosophy of adult learning. Instead of hiring new people, existing staff were given the time and space to learn how to do what needed to be done. So we learned, and did! The websites are prime examples, but there are many more.


In November, 2004, I moved from the Trauma Foundation to the UCSF Injury Center without missing a beat, even without moving my office. I am the Administrator of the UCSf Injury Center, where I handle whatever needs handling, including grants, and personnel. I design and manage the websites for the San Francisco Injury Center and Wrap-around Violence Prevention Project.


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