TF staff

1   Lou Fannon
2   Liz McLoughlin
3   Lisa Westin
4   Joanna Silver
5   Kae McGuire
6   Gregory Nah
7   Marylyn Thornton
8   Kathee Ewing
9   Jennifer Logan
10 Jessica Davis
11 June Fisher
12 Lynne Olivier
13 Donna Benedetti
14 Marivic Mabanag
15 Michael Rodriguez
16 Peg Skaj
17 Yokiko Vandeman
18 Eric Gorovitz
19 Robin Tremblay-McGaw
20 Andres Soto
21 Andrew McGuire
22 Bill Holland
23 David Gross

Trauma Foundation Staff in 2010...

Our staff tops the list of the Trauma Foundation’s successes. We celebrate former staff members, many of whom labor away in the injury, violence, alcohol and/or public health arenas, making significant headway in these fields.

We add a page every time a former staffer approves its content. Click below on someone to find out about what he or she did at the Trauma Foundation and what he or she is thinking and doing now.

Donna Benedetti
Lou Fannon
Janette Fennell
Bill Holland
David Jernigan
Steve Lambert
Elizabeth McLoughlin
Gregory Nah
Michael Rodriguez
Peg Skaj
Marylyn Thornton
Robin Tremblay-McGaw