Date Summary Information
1974 Furniture flammability Arthur D Little report on flammability & upholstered furniture explores idea of FSC
1975 Hart bill quashed by House US Senate approval of Hart bill to require self-extinguishing cigs; killed in House through efforts of tobacco lobby
1975 No regulation as fire source CPSC Improvement Act - Congress excludes cigarette from CPSC's jurisdiction as ignition source (as shown in a furniture manufacturer suit filing)
1975 Activist hears of FSC McGuire reads about FSC for first time (possibly Emmet Condon, SF Fire Marshal & Burn Council Borad member, gave him Arthur D Little report)
1976 USFA meeting - LA McGuire hears Jack Girard (LA City Fire Marshal) mentions preventing fires by changing ignition source - the cigarette.
1978 CIR gets involved McGuire meets with Lowell Bergman, Dan Noyes, & David Weir at Center for Investigative Reporting; gets funding from International Association of Fire Fighters Local 55 for study
1979 Manufacturers ignore invitation to join campaign American Burn Association & the International Association of Fire Chiefs get no reply to letter asking cigarette manufacturers for help in changing cigarette to prevent fires
1979 Campaign starts May 24 - Press conferences announce official beginning of campaign supported by American Burn Association (ABA) & the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)
1979 "Cigarettes & Sofas" (June/July issue) Mother Jones article "Cigarettes & Sofas: How the Tobacco Lobby Keeps the Home Fires Burning"
1979 California acts CA Assembly Joint Resol #28, introduced by Assemblywoman Egeland (not passed)
1979 Fire in Moakley district May 30 - Cigarette fire kills husband, wife & 5 children in Congressman Moakley's district
1979 Oregon acts Oregon introduces a Senate Joint Memorial on FSC (not passed)
1979 First national bill

Congressman Moakley introduces Cigarette Safety Act