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Cigarette-ignited fires are a leading cause of fire deaths in the United States. The Trauma Foundation has led a twenty-year effort to reduce cigarette-ignited fires by advocating for fire safety standards for cigarettes. In 2003, a major victory was won in Canada's when the Canadian Parliament passed a fire-safe cigarette law.  In the U.S. in 2000, two groundbreaking events occurred in this area -- New York State passed the nation's first law requiring the establishment of a fire safety standard for cigarettes sold in the state, and Philip Morris began mass production of a commercial cigarette (its Merit brand) that is less likely than conventional cigarettes to ignite a fire. Philip Morris' PaperSelect technology uses "speed bumps" in the cigarette's paper, which causes an unattended cigarette to go out. The cigarette's reduced ignition propensity was confirmed in testing by the National Institute on Standards and Technology.

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