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Our mission is to reduce the number of injuries and deaths due to injuries, 
through prevention, improved trauma care, and improved rehabilitation.

"Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual
power. We have guided missiles and misguided men."
Martin Luther King, Jr.


Whatever the language, peace is the common dream.

"Personal peace results from cultivating love, compassion, wisdom and justice from which emerge balanced relationships with oneself, with others and with the environment. Such peace is a state of mind freed from agitation, intolerance and aggression. It is the very foundation for harmony within family, community, national and international relationships.

People of genuine peace and non-violence regard no one as an enemy, wage no wars and sanction no destructive acts against the environment. The mere presence of a person of peace can be an inspiration to others and even affect their surroundings; great leadership in peace can inspire whole nations. Individuals who hunger for peace form a noble alliance; together they nurture personal peace and transmit it to others."
   --From Zones of Peace International Foundation

A great many people in the world are committed to and working for peace and non-violence.

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