Cancun, Mexico

"This superb event attracts more totally wild participants 
who consume more alcohol, stay inebriated longer, cruise more beaches and streets, get less sleep, trash more bars, catch more rays, and get boffed more than any other time of the year.  Cancun, Mexico has been a tradition and an Absolut Party since 1961."
Alc. 100%/Vol. 
(200 proof)

Recommended Daily Consumption



Continuing Coverage from Our Undercover Correspondents at Spring Break in Cancun  

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Greetings from Cancun!                                                              March 20, 2002

Cancun is a beautiful city of white sandy beaches with turquoise waters
and hot sun.  We’re here on Spring Break with 60,000 other students, most of whom are from the United States. We’ve purchased an all-inclusive package from  our hotel, which includes our room, meals, and free drinks. We’re also on a  Party Package, which gives us access to the most popular clubs for dancing,  and all you can drink parties every night!

A typical day in Cancun:

10AM- We wake up at around 10am for some breakfast and start the morning with free drinks at our hotel.

12PM- -Around noon we hit the beach to catch some rays.  Oasis Hotel is
the most popular beach this year, especially since MTV is filming there. We
pick  up tickets to watch MTV’s Fear Factor in one booth and buy Spring Break  t-shirts with pro-drinking and pro-sex mottos such as: "One Tequila, Two  Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor" from another booth. We eat quesadillas on the  beach and sit under giant Corona and Dos Equis umbrellas. At first, I am  hesitant to go swimming but then I notice the lifeguard sitting in his  tower with a Bacardi banner ad and feel a little bit safer. As we lie out in the sun,  a charter plane flies by with the signage, “Fat Tuesdays Open Bar Tonight,” and parasailers with Dos Equis logos on their parachutes decorate the clear blue sky.  As we leave the beach, we’re given  free samples and temporary tattoos from the Midori girls.

2PM -- We take advantage of “Free Drink Hours.” Today, we have free drink hours at The Cove from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, Fat Tuesdays from 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm and Dady Rock from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. The bus  service that runs 24 hours along the Zona Hotellera  connects all the  bars and hotels to each other. We know we’re taking the right bus when it’s full of screaming students and even more so when the bus has a Dos Equis,  Corona or Bacardi ad on the side. We arrive at Fat Tuesdays and are greeted by a giant inflatable Budweiser bottle. In the court yard, bikini-clad Budweiser girls are giving away t-shirts with the motto “Spring Fever Party  2002, Make It A Bud Light Party.” The Budweiser Team bodyguard is  protective of the inflatable Budweiser bottle, which he takes with him.  

On our way to Dady Rock’s for more  beer, we run into the Bacardi promotional team.  Available are Bacardi  frisbees, playing cards, party cups, fuzzy dice and beach balls for the little ones. This time around Josh is able to get a souvenir picture with  the Bacardi girls.

6PM-- We return to our hotel where Corona is doing a promotion. They’re giving away Corona and Modelo Spring Break 2002 t-shirts, stickers, and lanyards with bottle openers attached to them. Unfortunately we are not able to get a picture taken with the Corona girls for Josh's collection.  We have dinner at our hotel and relax with more free drinks until we hit the strip again.

9PM-- Walking around Cancun is similar to walking on a red carpet.  There
are welcome signs everywhere, “Welcome Students, The Party Is Here, Just
Come In and Get It, Spring Break 2002.” The streets are packed with students carrying beer bottles and yard glasses. Josh and I have a difficult time choosing which bar to hit up first; we are enticed by inflatable beer bottles, loud music, and signs such as “No Cover, 2 for 1, Ladies Drink Free, All You Can Drink.” Though we are more inclined to go to the bars that have Modelo and Budweiser ads outside. Still, we are constantly being stopped by bar promoters giving away Mardi Gras necklaces, handing out flyers and wristbands. We also run into the Beer.com girls and got a picture  with them and Josh. They also give us Dos Equis leather keychains and  stickers.

11PM -- As part of our hotel’s all-inclusive package, we have access
to several bars not included in our Party Package. One of them is Senor
Frogs.  Tonight Dos Equis is doing a Spring Break promotion. They have outdoor disco balls and television sets, fog, laser lights and Dos Equis girls wearing green as part of the “Spring Break Green Glow VIP Party.” We get
pictures of the girls with Josh to add to his collection.   Afterwards, they give us glow sticks and Spring Break medals.

12AM-- At around midnight, we go to an All You Can Drink Bourbon Street Bash at Pat O’Brien’s. There’s a giant Corona bottle at the entrance and more Dos Equis displays and girls next door. One more picture of Josh and a  different group of Dos Equis girls. 

3AM-- Our final party stop for the night is the massive Dady O’s Partyopolis 
consisting of three clubs connected by tunnels. The event is all you can 
drink, and at this point, I’m ready to go to sleep.

4AM-- We take a crowded bus back to our hotel. It’s chaos inside the bus; The drunken kids are either passed out or yelling out the windows. On our way in to our hotel, I notice a Jim Beam ad and a newly placed Budweiser banner posted in front that was not there the previous day.

5AM- Asleep.



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