School is out, but don't take a vacation
from your children's safety!

The facts:
Children left unattended in or around vehicles suffer from hyperthermia, strangulation, head crush, fracture, and burn injuries.  Some even die. 

These injuries and deaths are entirely preventable.

Kids 'N Cars , a project of the Trauma Foundation, is dedicated to stopping the common practice of leaving children unattended around motor vehicles.  Children are frequently left unattended in or around vehicles ("just for a minute") by well meaning parents from across all socio-economic classes.  And summer is a time of particular vulnerability. Each year, unattended children die from heat stroke, or become trapped inside a vehicle, or are backed over by drivers who did not see them.

Remember, a car is not a toy, a playground or a babysitter!

NEWS FLASH! The California State Senate approved Senator Jackie Speier's SB 255 which establishes fines for leaving children unattended in vehicles. Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington already have laws that prohibit leaving children unattended in vehicles.

To learn more, download Kids 'N Cars' "The Unattended Kids and Cars Expert Panel" (Adobe pdf file) or visit www.


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